A filmmaker my whole life, I graduated from Temple University last year with a BA in Film and Media Arts.
With multiple jobs under my belt, I am now in well settled the video industry.


When asked what I wanted to be when I grow up as a kid, I replied “an artist”. Little did I know, it actually came true, though not exactly how I envisioned it at the time. Starting at the age of eight, I made a bunch of backyard, run-and-gun films with my neighborhood friends. Whether it would be comedy, action, or some other crazy idea, I was always thinking what we could do next.

I continued making films through the years, releasing them publicly via Youtube. I started to get more serious with filmmaking in high school, and by the time college came around, it was time to make a decision on my career path. After my sophomore year of college, I realized that filmmaking was my true calling. I continued to collaborate in film projects with my friends, as well as receive formal education in film school, all while working on client productions.

I graduated Temple University in May of 2015 with a B.A. in Film and Media Arts. With many narrative films and client work under my belt, I am entering the film and video industry with vigor and a variety of experiences. Looks like after all these years I did become “an artist”.

Now that I have graduated, I am currently looking for full time employment or other job opportunities in the film and video industry.

Client Work

MOD Worldwide – 2014


Aetna Works For My Life Commercial- 2014: Editing

During my time at MOD Worldwide, I worked on editing this commercial for the health insurance company Aetna. I was constantly working with my superiors to fine tune this video for client satisfaction. There were also individual commercials for each of the characters that I edited.




MOD Instagram Animations- 2014: Writer, Director, Camera, Editor

I made a series of stop-motion animations while at MOD. They were put on the company’s Instagram, hence the square aspect ratio. These were all shot frame by frame on my DSLR and tweaked in Adobe After Effects and Premiere. These were used to promote and brand the company, but could also be used for intros.




Philadelphia Montage – 2014: Writer, Director, Camera, Editor

Another Instagram video for MOD, this time a montage of the city of Philadelphia. This is a quick day-in-the-life video, displaying landmarks and encapsulating the city’s essence. Edited to the Rocky theme for city pride.

Narrative Films


ASHES – 2015: Writer, Director, Editor

After the death of his father, 18-year-old Lance needs to decide what to do with the ashes. He is in a deep state of mourning and is indecisive on the issue. His family however is very opinionated. His mother, Lucy, is stuck in the past and wants to keep them in the house. His older brother, George, wants to bury them and move on with his life. Lance must determine how best to honor his father while also bringing his family back together.

I made this as my senior thesis film at Temple University. I based it off my own life. Five years ago, my father died and a wrote this film based off of my experiences. The film deals with themes of death, mourning and family. Everyone has dealt with the death of a family member. People react in different ways. I want to explore the situation and how people cope. In situations like this, families can become divided and disconnected.

Additionally, I ran a Kickstarter campaign for the film, and raised over $4,000. The campaign page can be found here. The film is finished and is currently being considered for over 20 film festivals. It has played at two so far, both in Pennsylvania.



NO SPARKS – 2013: Writer, Director, Editor, Actor

A short action film made during my time as a student at the University of Delaware. It contains an action sequence with a shot lasting for over two minutes. This scene required a lot of preparation and rehearsing. No Sparks is about two under cover agents trying to infiltrate a shady business that gets rid of dead bodies. They get caught and have to fight for their lives to escape the premises.




THE BOTTLE – 2012: Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor

A short drama piece made after a night of brainstorming between my friends and I during the summer of 2012. It is about a lonely man who finds a bottle on the beach. He decides to write a message in it and throw it back into the ocean. He finds the bottle the next day with a response written in it. He writes back and continues having a conversation with this mysterious person.

I plan on remaking this film in the near future with cinematography and a more structured story. Production is tentatively planned for 2017.

Other Creative Projects

Metal Recusants


Metal Recusants (2014 – Present)

In early 2014, I was recruited by a Heavy Metal webzine, MetalRecusants.com. I made a series of videos on youtube, making commentary on metal bands and top ten lists. The owner of the site saw my videos and told me “you know your metal” and invited me to write for the site. Ever since, I have written reviews for metal albums and concerts (some of which are video reviews), as well as have interviewed bands (including video interviews).

Heavy Metal is a very diversified and eclectic genre. Its raw power can be awe-inspiring. It gets overlooked or receives a bad name often, being labeled as “Satanic” or “just noise”. Sure, there exists both Satanic bands as well as overly bombastic music in the genre. But if you look, you can find the right bands; the diamonds in the rough.

You can find my articles here.


Candlemass Crowd-Sourced Concert Film (2015)

Jumping from Metal Recusants, here is another metal-related project. Back in 2014, I saw one of my favorite bands, Candlemass. After such an amazing performance, I looked into what footage other people had captured and discovered there was enough coverage to recreate the entire concert. I collected all of the videos I could find and edited together the entire show, being able to cut between different angles for each song. I did this as an experiment but also because I wanted to give people a taste of the awesomeness I experienced.


Mondo Drag – “Shifting Sands” Music Video (2016)

This is an experimental music video I made. I filmed people spinning custom-made staves with LED lights at the ends at night. I then multiplied the clips and overlayed them in Premiere. I realized that Mondo Drag’s song “Shifting Sands” would go really well to these kind of visuals, so I put the it to the song, and bam, it just clicked. I also overlayed multiple layers of sand texture being spun around, going along with the title of the track.